Apr 182012

So far today i have mostly finished a Mercenaries page (still need to detail the vassalization process), i have taken screenshots for a Titular Titles page and a Naval Mercenaries page, so expect those soon. I have update Holy Orders to reflect the 1.05 changes and then moved them to a child page of Mercenaries. I have swept the DLC pages to get them up to date with the new releases (see last post for links).

Right now i am going to step away for a bit. I expect to have the Naval Mercenaries and Titular Titles pages up before the end of the day, and maybe some other goodness as well.

UPDATE: Naval Mercenaries page now up.

Apr 052012

I felt like playing a bit today, so i continued the (thus far successful) adventures of Roger of Reggio, who, after amassing nine counties and no Ducal titles, became King of Sicily without having ever been a Duke. I always love it when a plan comes together. On second thought, i’d rather not have to think about the name Hannibal on during an Italian playthrough.

Along with that, i did put up some basic info on betrothals. I also got some good screenshots today for a matrilineal section which i will get up tomorrow if possible.

I will be posting over the weekend, but intermittently at best.

Apr 012012

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that the archives have been growing, but at the wrong end. I have started a d’Hauteville campaign, and am posting my updates date-stamped in game time. Thus i now have several posts from September 15, 1066 and immediately thereafter.

Browsing through archives is incredibly annoying, so you will probably want to make use of the “Posts” link on the Navigation bar below my header image. Mousing over “Posts” will bring up a list of categories, and Action Reports >> Roger d’Hauteville will bring up all of the action from the campaign.

Or you can just click on this: Roger d’Hauteville’s Steel Toe Adventures

Writing the action reports highlights areas that i need to write topics on, and if i do it right, help to tie the topics together a bit. I hope. I will likely jump back and forth between the two so i don’t burn out just writing and finding situations to get screenshots of.

Mar 282012

Long live the House d’Hauteville. May the dynasty forever gain prestige.

Our former location still exists for google search purposes, but it is now orphaned. Everything there is here, and all new content will be posted here and only here. If you had, gasp, bookmarked us, please update your links. Apologies for the inconvenience, and know that we expect to hold this demesne for a long time.

UPDATE: Our search compatible page forwarding has been put into place, so anyone attempting to visit the old site will now be redirected to the same page on the new site. It’s nice when something works the way it is supposed to. At least i hope it’s working the way it is supposed to. My testing seemed to indicate that it’s all good though…

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Mar 272012

I got sick of waiting on my old web host to actually fix my problem (their problem i should say), and registered housedhauteville.com today. If i’d known it was going to take more than a month to get swapped, i would have done so from the start.

If all goes well, i should have everything here mirrored on housedhauteville.com by tomorrow late, but i am at the mercy of the DNS propagation gremlins for the moment. Most of you would probably rather i was adding new content anyway. Sorry, sorry…

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Mar 242012

Ugh. First i had to wait two weeks because i couldn’t re-host my site with only 13 days left in my contract, now i can’t move my site because my old bad provider won’t answer my email about them having the wrong forwarding address for the domain contact. Thank you all for stopping in at all, and i hope to have a slightly cleaner, if not easier to enter, URL sometime soon.

In the meantime, I am happy to provide a de facto advertisement for inmotion hosting. So far they have been excellent, and everything that my old and very bad host is not.

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Mar 032012

Hello Web Searchers,

Apologies for the ugliness, but i have my first couple pages up and assume that i could get some traffic at this point. I am doing my best to get content up right now, and hoping to make it look nice soon as well. Thanks for stopping by.


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