Jul 222012

Upon my return to the site, i learned that someone finally did the good deed of creating a CKII wiki. It is at the altogether reasonable location ckiiwiki.com. This is a good thing.

Of course they will eventually crush me traffic-wise, and probably already have. Of course while there are a lot of stubs, one thing that definitely worked was the ad space. Just one ad space mind you, not the horror that is Wikia, but it is there and the ad itself is advertising advertising. A moment ago i could have placed my own ad there for $0. Of course community driven information will be more complete and accurate. Judging from the recent user activity over there, it looks like Meneth from the Paradox forums is involved, and he has done a lot of fine work. I am sure it will be aces. Continue reading »

Jul 172012

I am, quite likely, back. And to my surprise, there are still people visiting. Lots of people. Let us all give three cheers for the Steam summer sale, for getting a great game into the hands of even more prospective counts, barons, dukes, duchesses, kings, queens, and emperors.

Hip Hip     Hooray!

Ok, one cheer will suffice..

So I am looking around at all this rubbish i have written, and it appears i am well behind the times. I have bought me some DLC, so i should be able to add the Sword of Islam’s many different and (I’m sure) complicated systems (Decadence anyone?) here sometime soon. Sicily must be taken from that cur, Roger of Reggio, and the rest of the d’Hauteville dogs shall soon be without a bone to gnaw on, or something along those lines.

Beyond Sword of Islam, i am pretty sure that there have been other changes leaving specifics on these pages out of date, for which i apologize.

And while i am apologizing, forgive me, dearest reader, for whence i bought Diablo 3, i knew not what i was doing. I remember old Blizzard, and playing the hell out of Warcraft 2, and staying up all night so i could get into the Diablo beta test, and years of sort of enjoying WoW a little bit. And many of the friends that i played those games with were friends that i would get to spend time with in Diablo 3.

Unfortunately, Diablo 3 is a free to play game that costs you $60. The advent of gold selling on the real money auction house meant that all was now a real money auction house, so the pay to win is complete. So i return, beg your forgiveness. But i never really left. My barbarian’s name was dHauteville.

May 162012

Hello everyone. Contrary to all evidence, this site is not dead. It is merely, uhh, hibernating. Yeah.

After a two month Crusader Kings binge in which i spent more time researching the game than playing it, i am now in a definite ‘purge’ cycle. I also have a lot of friends telling me i should play Diablo 3 with them.

So, i will be away for a bit longer (as far as updates – I still get emails when there are comments and such, so i am not really away-away).  When i return, i will have an updated PC to play on, and it is simply embarrassing how much of a difference this will make.

I still enjoy CK II, i still enjoy building  the site, and i still enjoy seeing that folks are stopping in and getting some use out of it. I have plenty more i’d like to do, beyond just finishing the basics. I will be back soon.

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Apr 032012

Hi All,

I wanted to drop a post and let you all know that you have made me a proud Internet papa. House d’Hauteville celebrated it’s first month as a website yesterday, and i am delighted at the progress during that time. While i obviously still have an awful lot of ground to cover just to touch on all of the topics involved in a game of Crusader Kings 2, i have seen my traffic grow steadily (not that it is anything to brag about), and reach a global audience, with nothing more than some elementary SEO driving my results.

I check my web stats constantly, and i am always happy to see new visitors turn into returning visitors. I was delighted when someone searched for “House d’Hauteville.” I am happy to have visitors who spend 24 minutes looking at 12 pages.  You are telling me that i am doing something useful, where i would never believe you if you left me a comment telling me that i was doing something useful. This really does motivate me to keep it up and keep the wheels turning getting new topics covered and crosslinked and screenshotted and all that.

So thank you all for making this venture a success from my humble point of view. Hopefully i can continue to provide answers and make sure your visits are a success from your point of view.