Apr 242012

Hello, visitors. I have a request for you today. I have been trying to figure out exactly how Attached Armies work so i could put up a page about them, but in my limited experience, they don’t work, and it is pissing me off. In my Roger of Reggio game i am now involved in a crusade against the Shia Caliphate for the Kingdom of Jerusalem, as are like 20 other folks, and i can see that all the other guys are apparently attached. I have a little attach button i can click, and yet no one ever joins me, and no matter how many times i click, i never join anyone else.

The ‘Attach’ button on the army pane would seem to indicate only that you need a “friendly” army to attach to, as when you are alone in a county the button will be greyed out and will tell you there are ‘no friendly units.’ When there are friendly units, the button is not greyed out, but clicking it doesn’t change the button state at all to indicate success. I click it, it stays the same, i get no feedback, and my unit continues to sit where ever it is even when the army i had hoped to attach to wanders away.

I have searched on the Paradox forums, and the web generally, and can find no info on how this is supposed to work, just a couple places on the forums where Paradox agrees that it does not. Without knowing what it is supposed to do, i have no idea if i should be bug reporting or not… So, some questions for the gallery… Continue reading »