Apr 132012

The last of the patch 1.05 developer diaries was released today, and it has some stuff that will keep you busy while you wait for your truces to expire.

300 new Events 

  • Friends and Rivals Events (thanks SolSara!)
  • Trait-related Events
  • Regency events to give Regencies the sense of dread that they are currently missing, hehe.

Expanded Plots

  • A new plot for Independent Rulers – Revoke Title (YES!)
  • Expanded murder plots to include more characters than just your wife (that’s pretty much the only person i ever get to target)
  • Plot button added to the character pane. The button on your own page is a shortcut to the ambitions page. On other characters the button will list available plots targeting that character.

Causes of Death

  • Mousing over the skull for a dead character will show the cause of death, including their murderer if they were discovered.
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Apr 132012

Sorry. I haven’t added any new topics for a few days now as i have spent my time playing a chunk of time in the D’Hauteville playthrough, and then going back and pulling screenshots and writing about it. This is somewhat counter-productive as very few people care (why would you?) and it doesn’t drive traffic the way the informational pages do.

It DOES however let me learn some of the things that i don’t know yet, as well as give me save points to go back and get screenshots from later on. It gets me closer to the century worth of game i am going to need to check out the Dynamic Kingdoms feature of 1.05. And best of all, it’s a lot more fun to play than it is to write about it…

So, Buster d’Hauteville will have to wait a while. I will get an update out with the last of the 1.05 details sometime today, and then new informational topics for a while. Promise.

Apr 082012

Paradox have now released two sets of teaser notes on the upcoming patch 1.05, which is scheduled to be released on April, 17th. Some of the changes included are complete re-workings of the current game mechanics, so prepare yourself for some big changes. I have posted the basics as well as my takeaways in the patch section, but here are the two posts from paradox, so you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

1.05 teaser #1

1.05 teaser #2

Opinions on the forum seem to be 15% cautious and 85% optimistic, and i am certainly happy to see that Paradox continue to work on the title beyond just paid DLC. It’s refreshing to know that they have more that they wish to accomplish and share with the player base. Thanks, gents.

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Apr 052012

I felt like playing a bit today, so i continued the (thus far successful) adventures of Roger of Reggio, who, after amassing nine counties and no Ducal titles, became King of Sicily without having ever been a Duke. I always love it when a plan comes together. On second thought, i’d rather not have to think about the name Hannibal on during an Italian playthrough.

Along with that, i did put up some basic info on betrothals. I also got some good screenshots today for a matrilineal section which i will get up tomorrow if possible.

I will be posting over the weekend, but intermittently at best.

Apr 032012

I have been playing as Roger d’Hautville for eleven years now in my action reports section. Did i mention i play at what most people probably think of as a glacial pace, because i am that kind of micromanager? Well i do and i am. And writing posts about it and cropping screenshots doesn’t speed it up any, let me tell ya… Anyway, here are some lessons to take away from my Roger d’Hauteville session so far:

  • When you are able, grab counties with similar religions and culture. These will begin producing taxes and levies much sooner than those of other cultures and religions. This was the basis of my decision to grab Napoli before going after the Muslims. If you are in an area where you expect Holy Wars to be declared on you, you do need to make sure that you don’t deplete yourself on these same-religion conquests, though. As soon as you are weak, you will be attacked.
  • Be aware of the de jure situation as you expand. You will want to ensure that you can usurp or create Duchies and Kingdoms as you go. Since Roger is a Count and vassal to a Duke, he can’t yet create a duchy, but once he gains his independence, he will be able to create the Duchies of Sicily and Capua, and usurp the title for Duke of Calabria. Upon creating the Duchy of Capua, he will gain a de jure ducal claim on one county independent, Capua, who being of the same culture, may assent to a vassalization request. If not, they should be very simple to conquer, and would be producing in a short five years. In addition to the de jure Ducal situation, the de jure kingdoms should be surveyed as well. With my current holdings, i am only one county away from the possibility of forming the Kingdom of Sicily, and the de jure claim on Capua can and will make that a reality. Usurping/Creating all of these titles will cost money (and in the case of the King title, Piety) so i will be spending only where absolutely necessary. In any case i am well prepared to jump up the feudal ladder because i have used the de jure maps as a guide throughout.
  • When hiring mercenaries, use them for as many quick strikes as possible before dismissing them. I was able to use them to squash a rebellion, and take three one county independents in little more than a year. Doing so means less up front costs for mercenary hiring, and more money means lots of good things.
  • Being a vassal only sucks sometimes. Roger’s success depends upon his liege in the very early going. Were Roger independent as a two county Count, i have no doubt that he would quickly be attacked by Palermo and many of the African nations. As it is, my liege is better than an ally, because he cannot possibly decline to assist me. Further, being a vassal does not bind me diplomatically, so i was able to declare war on a broken Palermo on my own.
  • Check for new councilors after each conquest. Every new land in your demesne means new potential council members, and keeping your council operating at maximum efficiency is definitely a goal worth working towards.
  • Welcome claimants (and everyone else) with open arms. Claimants give you a jumpstart on putting together a good council, and once you are a Duke, you can look at pressing the claims of those in your court to expand your realm. It can be a pain to cycle through the titles to see who is available, but doing it every couple years or so can turn up some good results.
Apr 032012

Hi All,

I wanted to drop a post and let you all know that you have made me a proud Internet papa. House d’Hauteville celebrated it’s first month as a website yesterday, and i am delighted at the progress during that time. While i obviously still have an awful lot of ground to cover just to touch on all of the topics involved in a game of Crusader Kings 2, i have seen my traffic grow steadily (not that it is anything to brag about), and reach a global audience, with nothing more than some elementary SEO driving my results.

I check my web stats constantly, and i am always happy to see new visitors turn into returning visitors. I was delighted when someone searched for “House d’Hauteville.” I am happy to have visitors who spend 24 minutes looking at 12 pages.  You are telling me that i am doing something useful, where i would never believe you if you left me a comment telling me that i was doing something useful. This really does motivate me to keep it up and keep the wheels turning getting new topics covered and crosslinked and screenshotted and all that.

So thank you all for making this venture a success from my humble point of view. Hopefully i can continue to provide answers and make sure your visits are a success from your point of view.

Apr 012012

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that the archives have been growing, but at the wrong end. I have started a d’Hauteville campaign, and am posting my updates date-stamped in game time. Thus i now have several posts from September 15, 1066 and immediately thereafter.

Browsing through archives is incredibly annoying, so you will probably want to make use of the “Posts” link on the Navigation bar below my header image. Mousing over “Posts” will bring up a list of categories, and Action Reports >> Roger d’Hauteville will bring up all of the action from the campaign.

Or you can just click on this: Roger d’Hauteville’s Steel Toe Adventures

Writing the action reports highlights areas that i need to write topics on, and if i do it right, help to tie the topics together a bit. I hope. I will likely jump back and forth between the two so i don’t burn out just writing and finding situations to get screenshots of.

Mar 282012

Long live the House d’Hauteville. May the dynasty forever gain prestige.

Our former location still exists for google search purposes, but it is now orphaned. Everything there is here, and all new content will be posted here and only here. If you had, gasp, bookmarked us, please update your links. Apologies for the inconvenience, and know that we expect to hold this demesne for a long time.

UPDATE: Our search compatible page forwarding has been put into place, so anyone attempting to visit the old site will now be redirected to the same page on the new site. It’s nice when something works the way it is supposed to. At least i hope it’s working the way it is supposed to. My testing seemed to indicate that it’s all good though…

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Mar 272012

I got sick of waiting on my old web host to actually fix my problem (their problem i should say), and registered housedhauteville.com today. If i’d known it was going to take more than a month to get swapped, i would have done so from the start.

If all goes well, i should have everything here mirrored on housedhauteville.com by tomorrow late, but i am at the mercy of the DNS propagation gremlins for the moment. Most of you would probably rather i was adding new content anyway. Sorry, sorry…

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Mar 262012

As i briefly detailed in the Random Tips page, i have figured out a method to (under a very specific set of circumstances, but very much repeatable) ‘kidnap’ children from another dynasty. The trick involved is marriage related, and at this point i feel like i know enough to put up some other marriage topics and maybe get the ball rolling there, even if it won’t be complete really.

I also have been wanting to write an opus on expansion strategy, but i am never quite sure where to begin. It’s like i want to make a big honkin’ flowchart, but it would be ugly so i don’t.

I may also throw a couple random things up, Holy Orders come to mind, as i have been messing with them in my current game as the de Barcelonas.

Or i might end up just playing for three hours, as sometime happens…

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