New in patch 1.05 are Mercenary Navies. These fleets sail from the merchant republics, and can provide 100 ships to the Realm that hires them. The costs, it should be noted, are high.

Mercenary Navies appear in the Mercenary tab just as normal mercenaries do.

Mercenary navies in the mercenary list.

Mercenary Navies follow the same rules for hiring and maintenance as normal mercenaries, so you’d better have a full bank account if you want to hire them.


NOTE: The information below is no longer accurate. After investigating this with commenter Zack (Thanks for the help, Zach!), it appears that mercenary navies will now always start with a commander, and the Titular titles cannot be usurped as was the case immediately after v1.05′s release. It is likely, though untested, that these leaders can still be vassalized in the same manner as other mercenary leaders and Holy Orders can be vassalized. I could delete it, but then this page would be very short.

Titular Naval Titles

The above “No character” label tells us that the new Titular Titles for these Navies have not yet been claimed. If you own the home county of a Mercenary Navy, then you will have the opportunity to create or usurp a Duke-level title tied to the Mercenary Navy there. You will have an alert box indicating that these titles are available – clicking it, and cycling through to the naval title will give you this pane:


Creating the Venetian Navy title.

This Titular title counts as a Duke-level title for opinion effects. If you hold two duchies, and a naval title, you will get the  -10 Too many held duchies opinion penalty.

The Venetian Navy title in the King of Sicily's title list. It's even got the Duke crown on top.

Holding a Naval title will change the economics of hiring your navy, in a good way. How does free with 20% maintenance sound?

The Mercenary Pane with a Naval title for Venice.

While the title is held, the army is not hirable by others. This screenshot was taken from the King of Croatia…

The tootip shows that the unit isn't hireable because they are now vassals of the Kingdom of Sicily.

These titles can be granted as any other, and will provide an opinion bonus (+60 Granted a…)equal to the Duke level titles.

Take my navy, please!

The Duke of Genoa gets another title to go with it.

Once you have granted a Naval title to a vassal, you will still see a reduced fee for hiring the navy.

Navies come at a large discount when the title holder is your vassal.

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  5 Responses to “Navies”

  1. New user here, came across this site’s trove of information a bit ago, many thumbs up

    But I’m curious as to whether or not this bit on Titular Naval Titles still holds true as of 1.06/b? As well, if it does/did, where *are* the home counties of the various navies?

    My playthrough has me holding the County/Duchy of Holland in my demense, which is where I’d expect the ‘Frisian Navy’ to be based, but I’m unable to take the Title. It is currently held by its mercenary captain, and I don’t have the option of Usurping it (assassinating the captain just created a new captain). Are there other requirements besides holding the home county, or is it just no longer an option?

    • Hi Zack. First off, thanks for asking! It is very likely that the behavior has changed since i put the page up, which was the day after that patch went live if i recall correctly. I should have a savegame where i hold both Venice and Genoa, so if it still loads i should be able to find out. I will also go through patchnotes (I need to add them to the site anyway) and see what i can find.

    • Hmm, after some investigation… i still don’t know what to tell you.
      1) I don’t see anywhere in the patch notes (since 1.05e) where this was modified.
      2) Loading my earlier savegame presents the title Genoese Navy as one i am able to grant. I own Genoa, and there is no portrait for a leader when looking at the Navy in the mercenary tab.
      3) Creating a new game (HRE) and quickly taking Genoa does not yield a grantable title, and looking in the Mercenary tab i do see a portrait of a current leader. I can’t say i looked to see if there was a title to usurp though, which i guess i need to do.
      4) Googling didn’t get me much, but it’s always nice to see my own site in the results. :P

      I will spend some more time on this tomorrow. Vassalizing mercenaries was possible before they added mercenary navies, so i expect it is still doable, but it may have been made more complicated than what it was when i documented it above.

      • Thanks for the replies, and your time into checking it out.

        In the interest of research, I used the ~ console to give my ruler the Frisian Navy title via titleowner d_frisian_navy X , and it seems to then work as described, providing the appropriate bonus’, allowing me to grant it to vassals, and displaying my ruler’s portrait in the Merc tab. So there’s that, at least.

        1) I did notice these specific terms under the merc navy titles in the landed_titles text doc: # Cannot be held as a secondary title
        primary = yes
        # Cannot be vassalized
        independent = yes
        I don’t have previous versions of the file to see if these were added in recent patches or were there in 1.05, but the first would seem to indicate that they simply can’t be created or usurped by an already landed character. That didn’t prevent me from granting my console-given title to Dukes or even a King, so I don’t know what to make of it, or if it holds any relevance at all.

        2) Unfortunately I’ve since deleted my pre-1.06 saves, so I can’t check to see if I missed such glorious opportunities for usurping in the past. D:

        3) Perhaps whatever causes this empty portrait/unclaimed title situation is the step that’s missing. I haven’t seen empty merc portraits in recent memory, and I’d never paid attention before reading this page. Were the portraits empty prior to conquering the home county, or did they become empty after conquering?

        4) Hahah, yep, that’d be how I got here, while looking for info on marriages (I greatly enjoyed the page on ‘Kidnapping’ by the way :D Best page ever).

        • Hello again Zack, Sorry for the late response. I had forgotten that WordPress only sends me an email if i need to approve a comment, and since you already had one approved, i did not get an email that you’d followed up.

          At this point i am going to guess that this was either
          A) A stealth fix on Paradox’s part that didn’t get into the patch notes because it was considered relatively minor, or was forgotten.
          or B) in some way an artifact of my testing this 1.05 feature with a savegame from the previous version, which didn’t have a character generated for those titles, and didn’t know to generate one.

          The behavior i describe above doesn’t seem to have been the intended behavior. My recollection is that none of the navies had leaders when i was testing that, but i don’t know that i ever tested with a fresh game at that point. I am pretty sure i would have been using games-in-progress exclusively.

          In any case it looks like i need to do some pretty substantial editing to this page, and i thank you for pointing that out in a most inquisitive manner.

          And glad you liked the Kidnapping page. I certainly enjoy it when it works. :)

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