The Steward



The Steward relies on a high Stewardship skill to bring in mountains of coin.  The three tasks available to him are:

  • Collect Taxes- Send your Steward to a county in your demesne to increase tax revenue.
  • Oversee Construction- Send your Steward to a county in your demesne to speed up construction. Useless if there is no construction underway.
  • Research Economy Tech- Send your Steward to a county in your demesne to increase the county’s Economy tech advancement.

*The percent chance of the ‘Peasant’s Attack’ event occurring is affected by factors other than the stewardship skill of your steward. One factor that i have isolated is that Foreigners are slightly more likely to be attacked than nationals. There are other factors as well, but i haven’t yet been able to confirm exactly what they are (it appeared that ‘Levies raised too long’ was likely one of them though). The delta to the numbers above can be quite dramatically negative, and it can raise the odds of ‘Peasants Attack’ing higher than ‘Special Tithe’ for even the best Stewards. If you trigger this event, it would be wise to check it’s percent chance in the Council tab view by mousing over the ‘Collect Taxes’ button, and making sure the chances have not spiked on you. If they have, you may be better to re-assign your Steward temporarily.

Because the ‘Collect Taxes’ assignment is given to the Steward in a single county, and not in your demesne as a whole, you may find it helpful to invest heavily in the economic infrastructure of a single county before spreading the wealth to others. Maximizing the income of one province also serves to maximize the gain brought in by the Steward when collecting taxes there. This is especially effective in counties where you hold more than one Barony.

Stewardship Skill and Technology

State Stewardship affects the rate at which Economic Technologies advance. In the Technology tab, the number in the upper left of the Economic Advances column is the percent gain to those advancements enjoyed by your demesne. This bonus is the sum of your State Stewardship and your State Learning.


Mouseover hint for the Economy Advancement bonus


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