The Spymaster



The Spymaster relies on a high Intrigue skill to advance your realm through covert means. The three tasks available to him, or her, are:

  • Uncover Plots- Send your Spymaster to a county in your realm to uncover plots involving that counties’ citizens.
  • Build Spy Network- Send your Spymaster to a county (any county) to improve your espionage there.
  • Study Technology- Send your Spymaster to a foreign county to steal technologies and introduce them to your capital.

The following table shows the Events possible, and the percent chance of each being triggered in the course of a year as a factor of Intrigue skill.

Plot Discovery Chance and Assassination Chance will continue their linear progressions beyond 15, while the Event chances will remain set at the levels seen in green.

Yo Momma!

The Spymaster is the only position on the Council that can be assigned to a woman, and it may only be assigned to your wife or your mother. Neither daughters nor female Vassals are eligible.

Uncovering Plots

While simply having a Spymaster appointed gives you a chance at Uncovering Plots, assigning them specifically to the task gives a healthy bonus that is useful in trying times. Immediately after succession your Vassals are likely to have a low opinion of you due to the ‘Short Reign’ modifier, and you may wish to pick a Spymaster with a good opinion of you, and have them assigned to discover plots in your capital. If your spymaster discovers a plot, an Event will trigger, giving you the option to try to imprison the plotter, and increasing your odds of doing so successfully. More details can be found at the Prisoners page.

Study Technology

Study Technology is very useful when used is a focused manner. You assign your Spymaster to go to a specific county, and there is a chance that they will learn a new technology and introduce it to your capital. For this to occur, the county you send them to must have an advance that your capital does not, so check this while selecting a target county. While all technology advances are useful, gaining techs through research is weighted heavily towards keeping up instead of getting ahead, so the Study Technology mission can be a real asset.

Try to send your Spymaster to study techs in a County that mirrors your capital’s advances, but with one or two techs that they are the leader in. This way you can be assured that when the event triggers you will get a free high cost tech, while focusing your research efforts on cheap advances at home.

Annoy your friends and family!
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  1. “Build Spy Network” also has the added effect of reducing the chance of an assassination attempt being discovered in that county. As far as I can tell, this isn’t documented anywhere, but it is a rather substantial reduction. It only seems to apply to assassinations carried out through the diplomacy screen and not through plots (which rely on backers).

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