The Marshal



The Marshal relies on a high (wait for it) Martial skill to continue politics by other means. The three tasks available to him are:

  • Suppress Revolt- Send your Marshal to a county in your demesne to reduce the risk of revolts.
  • Train Troops- Send your Marshal to a county in your demesne to replenish your Levies.
  • Research Military Tech- Send your Marshal to a county in your demesne to increase the county’s Military tech advancement.

The following table shows the Events possible, and the percent chance of each being triggered in the course of a year as a factor of Martial skill.

The linear nature of the non-event results mean that having a very skilled Martial can be a huge benefit to your realm.

Leading Troops

It is important to note that when your Marshal has been given an assignment, he is unable to actually lead any armies himself. Only Vassals and Courtiers who have not already been assigned tasks by you can lead armies. As such, you may be tempted to cancel the Marshal’s assignment immediately before raising a Levy, so that he can be assigned to command it. Woe unto the person who cancels a Train Troops assignment, as all of the additional troops provided by your Marshal’s bonus will immediately be lost.

Martial Skill and Technology

State Martial affects the rate at which Military Technologies advance. In the Technology tab, the number in the upper left of the Military Advances column is the percent gain to those advancements enjoyed by your demesne. This bonus is the sum of your State Martial and your State Learning.


Mouseover hint for the Military Advancement bonus

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