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The Court Chaplain relies on a high Learning skill to educate the populace on matters of the faith. The three tasks available to him are:

  • Head Local Inquisition- Send your Court Chaplain to a county in your realm to convert subjects and the populace as a whole.
  • Research Cultural Tech- Send your Court Chaplain to a county in your realm to increase the rate of cultural advancement.
  • Improve Religious Relations- Send your Court Chaplain to any county with a Bishopric that shares your religion to increase the Bishop there’s opinion of you. (This task is only available to Christian nations.)
  • Perform Charity- Send your Court Mullah to perform charity, helping those in need. (This task is only available to Muslim nations. Details coming soon…)

The following table shows the Events possible, and the percent chance of each being triggered in the course of a year as a factor of Martial skill.

The numbers are a baseline only. The Court Chaplain’s chance at success varies dramatically from situation to situation for what appears to be a variety of reasons. The only one i am confident i have isolated is that Court Chaplains who are foreigners in their own court have a lower chance of successfully triggering the County Religion Converted event.

The Inquisition and You

Sending your Chaplain to Head Local Inquisition can have many results. Local Inquisitions are the tool by which counties can be converted to your religion, and a successful conversion of a county is a happy message to receive. (Don’t forget to reassign your Court Chaplain when he succeeds though!) Individual characters, most likely courtiers in the county, can also be converted. This aspect can be used to bring heretic Vassals / Council members back into the fold. Simply click on the character to find out where they are currently residing, and send your Court Chaplain to do the strong-arming. Head Local Inquisition is an unappealing option for those with Catholic held lands surrounded by more Catholic held lands.

Researching Cultural  Technology

Sending your Chaplain to do research will give you a +100% bonus in the county he is sent to. This county should be your capital, because, as my commenter pointed out, Cultural techs (the various Customs and Flexibility techs, Majesty, Spiritual Art) only matter in your capital. Thank you for the correction, attentive anonymous commenter.

Research In General

Because the bonuses to your Martial and Economic techs are composites of the respective state scores for those stats, and the State Learning stat, your Court Chaplain’s skill plays a huge role in research across the board. Rarely will other factors intervene to keep the candidate with the highest Learning skill out of the Court Chaplain role.

Improving Relationships with Important Catholics

Excommunication is bad. To avoid it you would be wise to keep the Pope happy with you. As such, there will probably be times that sending your Court Chaplain to Rome will be a wise move. Keeping bishops in your realm happy can keep taxes and levies flowing too, but the Pope is the primary target here.

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  1. It should be noted that the only county where cultural tech matters is the capital and you really shouldn’t bother putting your chaplain anywhere else to boost culture research tech.

  2. The chart show marshall task instead of court chaplain

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