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Hey there inquisitive visitor. This page is my datadump for tips that i wanted to jot down so i didn’t forget them, but i didn’t want to take the time to flush them out into a full page just yet.

  • If you hire mercenaries early on and are running out of money but will still need them for a while, assault a castle! Usually when i am in this position i have already mopped up the enemy troops, but am waiting on sieges to finish so i can get my warscore up. Having your mercenaries assault the castle from the county pane helps by both reducing the number of mercs you are paying, and by speeding up the process of the siege, so you don’t have to pay them as long. (3/20)
  • Do you have a vassal that you want to revolt? There are a few things you can do to piss them off, but raising their levy and just letting it stand there is one of my favorites. You can watch the opinion penalty climb, and the revolt risk climb with it.(3/20)
  • When at war, use your ships as often as possible to get your armies into position. If you expect a battle in a coastal province, plan ahead to have your navy there. If you win and your opponent retreats to a neighboring coastal province, you will be able to load/move/unload your troops in time to take the defense, and the bonuses that come with it. If you lose and you retreat to a coastal province, you may have that 1 day to get your troops on a ship and save them from being eliminated entirely. (3/20)
  • If you have the “Wrong Holding” warning, this is easy to fix, but not really explained anywhere. Click on the County where you have a wrong holding. You want to go to the view that shows the picture of the city and the church. If you have a Wrong Holding, you will have your Coat of Arms on both the top left and top right of a city or Church in that county. If you right click on the picture of that city or church, you will get a triangle of options popping up. The option on the bottom left will be titled something like ‘Create new vassal,’ and selecting that will create a new Mayor or Bishop title, and a new character to hold that title. Once you have done this for all of the cities and churches that you currently have in your demesne (which could be a bunch if you just conquered several counties) the ‘Wrong Holding’ warning will disappear from your notification area. (3/20) More info can be found at this page, added 3/23: Wrong Holdings.
  • Yo-yo momma – If you are in the habit of marrying your daughters off to old men for alliances, you may want to watch out for the husband’s death. If your daughter marries a ruler, she will be a simple courtier after his death, and will very likely accept an invitation back to your court, bringing all of her under age (and untitled) children with her. Once back in your court, you can marry your daughter off for another alliance or marry her matrilineally if you need to grow your dynasty. The children are yours to educate, as well as yours to marry off once they are of age. It can be hard enough to control the fate of your own heirs, so it’s a beautiful thing to control someone else’s. Cackle with maniacal glee when you marry the HRE’s pretender matrilineally to your granddaughter. (3/24) Expanded in the Kidnapping page (3/27)
  • Be on the lookout for heretic Claimants. If you can get them to join your court, you can declare a war to install them, and then immediately declare a Holy War on the heretic adding the lands to your own. (3/25)
  • The 5000 strong Muslim Holy order costs 112.5 Piety to hire, and is available to Shiite Muslim leader from right around day one. You would be wise to check your opponents before declaring holy war. If there’s a crusade on for a Shiite region, you are probably safe regardless. (3/29)
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