This page has been updated for patch 1.05.

Matrilineal Marriages are so handy in Crusader Kings 2 that they were quickly nerfed.

What is a Matrilineal Marriage?

A Matrilineal Marriage is a marriage where the children are agreed to be of the mother’s dynasty instead of the father’s. The children will inherit claims from both parents as per usual. Thus, Matrilineal marriages are ideal for Countesses and Duchesses and Queens who need to keep the title within their dynasty, as well as fathers without sons who wish to continue the family name. The concept is the simple part.

Arranging Matrilineal Marriages

The execution on the other hand is used to be a pain in the backside. With patch 1.05, the arranging of Matrilineal marriages was streamlined in the interface, with a checkbox for ‘Matrilineal’ added where it would be difficult to be missed.

If you are a /have a man looking to marry Matrilineally, you have it easy. Pretty much any woman who would accept a normal marriage will be happy to accept a Matrilineal one, and some women, especially rulers, will be looking to preserve their dynasties giving you a chance where you would otherwise be turned down. Why would a man be looking for a Matrilineal Marriage. Unlegitimized bastards and men of lowborn status may only marry noble women Matrilineally.

If you are a woman seeking to marry Matrilineally, you will have few suitors to choose from. The new UI for Matrilineal marriages will make them very easy to find though. You may now click on the Wedding Rings button on the character pane as you would for a regular marriage. On the resulting list of suitors, there is now a checkbox for ‘Matrilineal Marriage.’ Clicking this will filter the potential suitors, displaying only those who would accept a proposal.

The list of suitors gets much shorter when Matrilineal is checked.

These results do appear to be an exhaustive list of individuals who would accept a matrilineal marriage:

  • Other members of your dynasty for whom a matrilineal marriage would be irrelevant
  • Members of the court of the character’s liege.
  • Bastard sons and Lowborn who must marry matrilineally
  • Irrelevant courtiers

Reasons a prospective husband may not appear on the list include:

  • “is our <Council Title Here>” – Anyone currently sitting on a Council will not be let go for a Matrilineal Marriage.
  • “is too high in the line of succession” – Anyone currently ruling (including mayors), and anyone even close will have this factor weigh against you.
  • “Skills of <Spouse’s Name> – Lords are unwilling to part with skilled courtiers, and in a Matrilineal request, you don’t have much to counterbalance that with.
  • Women who are considered ‘unimportant’ (not heirs to any titles or claims, i think) will have an even larger hurdle to overcome.

A lowly Mayor turns down our Princess.

Your Court as a Husband Corral

Men in your court do what you tell them to do. They are your puppets, and when you say, “Hey, Marry this girl, and give her dynasty the children,” they will grudgingly obey. Even Princes of the HRE can’t turn you down once they are in your court. (for info on how to pull off this caper, see the Kidnapping page.)

A Prince of the HRE accepts a matrilineal marriage. That has to feel good.

So, if you are out shopping for Matrilineal husbands, and you find a winner who says no…

But you won't take No for an answer...

Try inviting him to your court instead…

Oh, NOW you say yes.

And now there is no answer, because now you do as I say!

I didn't take no for an answer, because i didn't ask.

Voila, the happy couple.

And they lived happily ever after...

Granting Titles to Matrilineal Husbands

I don’t know if it is a bug or working as designed, but granting a title to a man who is matrilineally married will unlock him from the matrilineal part of his marriage. Children born before the title are of the mother’s dynasty, but those coming after the title are of the father’s. I have not checked this in a while, so it is possible that if it was a bug it has been fixed. I will investigate when a game gives me the chance. (-Ryan 4/5/12)

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