Betrothals are useful in CK2 for making sure to get the alliance that you need, vs just marrying anyone who happens to be single on your sweet sixteen. A Betrothal might be best thought of as an engagement, you are promising to consider marrying an individual once both parties have come of age.

To set up a betrothal, you can follow the same steps as you would for setting up a marriage. If you click the wedding rings on the character pane, the list of possible brides/grooms will include characters who are not yet 16. If you selct one of them, you will automatically be taken to the betrothals interface instead of the marriage interface. If you use any other method to select your bride/groom, you will want to select “Arrange Betrothal” from the Diplomacy menu. Using this option will require that at least one of those to be married be under 16 years of age.

Once a betrothal has been arranged, you simply have to wait for the under age character to turn 16, at which point an alert will appear in the top center of the screen telling you that the Betrothed can now marry.

This icon lets you know that both parties in a betrothed marriage have now come of age and the marriage can now proceed.

Making Use of Betrothals

Sometimes you may decide that what your realm really needs is an alliance with [Specific Realm A]. If realm A’s ruler in 72, the odds that realm A is going to have a sixteen year old for you to marry in order to get your alliance are slim. Rather than waiting until your children are sixteen, you can look for spouses for them at a much younger age, and betrothe the two if you find a pair you want to maintain. If you look at the option for an eight-year-old, you will be able to see anyone who is up to eight years older or p to eight years younger. This will provide you with maximum flexibility in setting up the marriages you need, and not just the marriages that are waiting for you on your birthday.

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