NOTE: The screenshots here were taken from patch 1.04, and do not show the matrilineal checkbox that was added in 1.05. All information on this page is still accurate, and the Matrilineal Marriage page is being updated to reflect the changes from 1.05.

Marriage is fundamental to building dynasties, and that’s what Crusader Kings 2 is all about! Successful matchmaking is a crucial skill in any rulers repertoire, so let’s add it to yours!

In Crusader Kings 2, marriage is between a man and a woman, who are both currently unmarried and over the age of 16. Anyone in your court who is single will have an ‘Arrange Marriage’ button with two rings on their character sheet.

The Duchy of Barcelona's unmarried heir mouses over the 'Arrange Marriage' button.

Clicking on the Arrange Marriage button will take you to a list of some of the “most eligible potential suitors in Europe.”

If you find a keeper, click on his/her portrait to go to the Diplomacy pane.

Not every spousal option will be listed in this pane, so it is worth mentioning that you can also find a spouse by searching in the character pane.

All single, same-religion adult ladies currently not in jail who are from a great house.

Choose your spouse wisely, and then click on his/her portrait. From the arrange marriage list, you will go straight to the Diplomacy page with all of the principals already in their slot. From the character search pane, you will go to the other character’s character pane, and will have to choose diplomacy -> arrange marriage -> and select your courtier to be wed.

The Arrange Marriage window in the diplomacy pane.

  1. Details of the individuals to be wed, and the prestige to be gained by the individual from your court. The ‘engaged’ member of your court can gain prestige based on the dynasty of the other member (“marrying into House di Canossa”), and also based on the position of the other in the feudal heirarchy (“marrying a Duchess”).
  2. The wholly redundant tooltip
  3. The amount of prestige that you as a ruler will gain from the marriage. Only marriages that result in an alliance will net prestige for the ruler.
  4. The alliance indicator. A blue flag indicates that this marriage would form an alliance between your realm, and the one represented by the Coat of Arms displayed here.
  5. Your picture above that of your courtier to be married.
  6. The individual your courtier is to marry below that of their liege.
  7. The results of your marriage request. Mousing over the results will give you a breakdown of the factors weighing for and against you in the decision made by the other character.

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