Gender Laws


A state’s Gender Laws determine if and when females are allowed to inherit Titles. There are three Gender Laws for a state to choose from, though most states can only use two of the three.

  • Agnatic – Only males may inherit.
  • Agnatic-Cognatic – Women can inherit, but only if there are no eligible males.
  • Absolute Cognatic – Women inherit on the same grounds men do.

Gender Laws on the CK2 Laws pane. Agnatic- Cognatic is currently in effect (displayed in the center), while Agnatic and Absolute Cognatic are listed as options, but currently unavailable (listed to the right with the gavel grayed out).

Each ruler may only change these laws once, and must meet an exacting list of criteria to gain the right to do so:

Criteria for changing Gender Laws (Agnatic and Agnatic Cognatic)

Criteria for changing Gender Laws (Absolute Cognatic)







If all criteria are met, then the gavel to the right of the option will be colored and have a green checkmark, indicating that it is available to implement. Note that only states with a Basque culture will be able to implement Absolute Cognatic Gender Laws.

Because of the strict requirements that must be met in order to change Gender Laws, you will want to pay close attention and not miss an opportunity to make a change if you are dissatisfied with your current law.

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