Managing Prisoners


Prisoners can be acquired by several means in Crusader Kings 2. You may capture infidel leaders after a successful battle, you may imprison someone as a result of their involvement in a plot, or you may just not like someone and decide that the ‘Imprison’ button in the Diplomacy Tab is just what the Tyrant ordered.

A list of currently held prisoners is available on the Intrigue pane, by using the Prisoner tab.

A list of currently held prisoners, via the Prisoner tab on the Intrigue pane.

Once you have a prisoner, you have several options for dismissing them. In the Diplomacy pane, you may select from Release Prisoner, Banish Prisoner, Execute Prisoner, and Ransom Prisoner.

  • Release Prisoner- Releasing a Prisoner will give you a +10 Released Prisoner opinion bonus with everyone in your realm, as well as a + 20 Merciful bonus with the individual you released.
  • Banish Prisoner- Banish the Prisoner from your Realm. This option can only be used when you are the liege of the prisoner. The individual will forfeit all titles and monies, and join another court as a courtier.  Your remaining Vassals will get a -30 Tyrant opinion penalty towards you as a result. While this will allow you to reclaim all of the titles held by the individual, it is rather expensive as far as opinion goes. If the individual has been imprisoned for an act of treason, and if your Crown Authority is above minimum, you have the right to use the ‘Revoke Title’ Diplomacy option to revoke a single title without incurring any Tyranny penalty, so you may wish to use that instead.
  • Execute Prisoner- Get rid of them for good. Executing a Vassal will cost you a -10 Tyrant opinion penalty with other Vassals, unless the executee has plotted against you or declared independence. In these cases of treason, no one will mind if you execute them. Executing infidels does not penalize general opinion either. Do be careful not to accidentally execute a member of your dynasty, as this will give you the Kinslayer trait, costing you 2 points in Diplomacy, as well as a -25 Dynasty Member is Kinslayer penalty. If your kin are giving you trouble, your best bet is to simply leave them in the dungeon, and toss them in the oubliette if the opportunity arises. You will not get the Kinslayer trait (or any other penalties) should a member of your dynasty die in your prison. After executing a Vassal, their heir will assume their titles. 
  • Ransom Prisoner- It can be surprising how much people value their lives. The ransom to be paid depends on a few factors, but the title of the individual is the foremost. Capturing a Sultan in a Crusade is a happy day. Sadly, the ransom is only profitable when the individual can afford it.

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