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NOTE: This page covers the basics of using the Arrange Marriage button in the diplomacy pane. For more information on Marriage, visit the Marriage topic and sub-pages.

Using the Arrange Marriage option in the Diplomacy pane will set up in a few different ways, depending on whom you are entering diplomacy with.

If you click it on your own pane, you will see yourself as the liege on both sides of the deal, and will be selecting two people from your court to marry each other. This is a useful thing to do now and then, as any babies produced in your court will become future courtiers themselves.

Setting up a marriage within one's court.

Choosing the Arrange Marriage option when dealing with another ruler sets up the same pane with the other ruler on the right hand side, allowing you to arrange marriages between your subjects and theirs.

Arranging a marriage between your subject and another's.

Clicking the empty circles will bring up the ‘Select a Spouse’ list. For the first circle this will display all single members of the respective court. Once the first character to be married has been chosen, the list will only show characters of the opposite sex the second time.

The 'Select a Spouse' listing.

Once a subject has been chosen from both rulers’ courts, the other ruler’s answer on the marriage will be shown below.

A 'Send' button away from matrimony.

If you wish to arrange a marriage with the ruler, you will need to select them in both circles on their side.

When using the Arrange Marriage button for characters who are not rulers, that character will appear in the lower circle, with their liege automatically placed above them.

Arranging a Matrilineal Marriage

Arranging a Matrilineal Marriage is now as easy as clicking on the Matrilineal checkbox. This will filter your list of suitors to show only those who would accept a matrilineal marriage. For more information on Matrilineal Marriages, click that.

Additional notes on Arrange Marriage

While the answer listed is always correct on the day the marriage request is sent, a ‘Yes’ can sometimes turn to a ‘No’ by the time the response arrives. This happens when one of the characters has a status change in the interim. Status changes affecting marriage responses include:

  • The character accepted another proposal before yours, rendering them unavailable.
  • One of the characters gained or lost a title, which changed the equation for the answer.
  • The character you wish to marry has died.

For more information on Marriage, beyond the Arrange Marriage button, visit the Marriage page and sub-topics.

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