Demesne Size


Maximum demesne size is determined by the combination of several different factors. Mousing over the demesne status in the icons on the upper right will explain your current status.

Mousing over the Demesne numbers will give the formula that determines your maximum demesne size.

The formula is (1 x Rank Variable + Stewardship Bonus + Legalism Score) x 1.3 if using Gavelkind succession, where:

  • The rank variable is 2 for counts, 3 for dukes, 4 for kings, and 5 for emperors.
  • The stewardship bonus is 1 per 4 points of your ruler’s stewardship skill, including stewardship gained from your wife (half of her score).
  • The legalism score used is that of your capital’s county.

Exceeding the Demesne Limit

Exceeding your maximum demesne size is allowed, but you will be penalized with both inefficient taxation in the counties of your demesne and angry vassals.

The inefficient taxation penalty is not immediately obvious. Mousing over your income will show the correct numbers, but will give no indication that you are under any penalty. Your demesne list in the outliner will display all of your demesne incomes just as they were prior to going over the limit. The only place you will be able to see that you are in fact suffering a penalty is in the realm view, selected by clicking on the Coat of Arms under your ruler’s portrait. In the realm pane, when you mouse over “Demesne” on the income side of the ledger, you will see the penalty in red at the bottom of the list. Don’t be like Puccini here…

The definition of inefficient. None of the income from the demesne makes it to the ruler, even though everything looks fine in the outliner, and in any individual county's information.

Likewise, your ruler will suffer a -10 Demesne Too Big opinion modifier (per county over your limit) from all of your vassals. So our man Puccini I of Sicily also has a -100 opinion modifier to go with his -100% income.

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  1. The demesne size formula is slightly wrong, and there’s no mention up there how stewardship bonus is calculated. You can google for the correct answer though.

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