De Jure Maps


This page has been updated for patch 1.05.

The game includes map layers displaying all de jure combinations, though these may be difficult to understand in some circumstances. The de jure maps are accessed through the top three map mode buttons on the far right of the minimap.

Minimap with the de jure Duchy map layer (top right) selected.

The top button displays de jure Duchies, the second de jure Kingdoms, and the third de jure Empires. When fully zoomed in and changing from say, Independent Realms mode, you may notice very little change, perhaps just a few counties changing color. Zooming out will likely provide you with a better view in the de jure modes, as the de jure Duchy names will not appear in heavily zoomed maps. At the proper distance, Ireland will appear like this, with the available de jure Duchies labeled:

Ireland in de jure Duchy map mode

In the above picture, de jure Duchies available in Ireland are demarcated by color and name. Visible borders are the current borders in game, and not the de jure borders. (Random Note: From the size of the Coat of Arms on the Map, we can see that there is a Duke in Munster, and one in Connacht, though these are not necessarily the Duke OF Munster and the Duke OF Connacht.) If we stay in this map mode, and zoom in, the county names will appear, and the de jure Duchy names will fade away, but the colors will remain to show which counties have de jure ties.

De Jure Kingdom Map

The de jure Kingdoms map was changed in patch 1.05 to incorporate the new Dynamic Kingdoms mechanic. The map will now display ‘occupied’ de jure duchies with the same striping that occupied territory has in the Independent Realms map. For more info on how the de jure Kingdom map visit the De Jure & Dynamic Kingdoms page.


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