De Jure & Dynamic Kingdoms


Dynamic Kingdoms is the term Paradox has chosen for their new de jure Kingdom system introduced in patch 1.05. The new system will no longer feature a static de jure Kingdom map. Instead, the de jure Kingdom map will evolve over the course of the game to reflect the balance of power as the game progresses.

Dynamic Kingdoms in Action

An example to make clear my take on the new rules. Roger d’Hauteville is the King of Sicily. Sicily has de jure territory stretching as far north as Capua and Foggia on the mainland, but beyond that the lands are de jure to the Kingdom of Italy. With most of the de jure Italian lands held by the Holy Roman Empire, Roger and the house d’Hauteville have little chance to take the Kingdom as a whole, but he can easily take the independent Duchies of Genoa and Venezia. Should the d’Hautevilles be able to take and hold these duchies for 100 years, then these (still completely static) de jure Duchies will no longer belong to the Kingdom of Italy, but will instead pass to the Kingdom of Sicily.

Checking on your Dynamic Additions

Using the de jure Kingdoms map will now show land that is in the process of changing hands. Any land belonging to one de jure Kingdom that is currently held by another will display with stripes just as occupied counties do in the Independent Realms map.

The Sicilian green shows that this de jure land is occupied by another Kingdom.

Mousing over these counties will also display the progress in years in the tooltip (x/100).

The last line indicates that you have some waiting to do still...


The rollover process does not begin until all counties in the de jure Duchy are held. (Need to make absolutely sure that holding the Ducal title does not affect this.)

Contiguousness is not important for the Dynamic Kingdoms mechanic. As my screenshot above indicates, an isolated Duchy of Genoa can still be incorporated into your Kingdom.

The rollover from the Dynamic Kingdoms mechanic takes place with no player action necessary. There is no cost, and the timer will begin as soon as you hold an entire de jure duchy outside of your de jure Kingdom.


If a de jure Kingdom has only 3 de jure duchies, and two of them defect to other de jure Kingdoms through the Dynamic Kingdoms mechanic, can the one-Duchy-Kingdom still be created by holding 1/2 the counties of the one remaining duchy?

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  1. The one duchy kingdom can be created, IF the potential creator also has another ducal title. IE the duke of Normandy can create the Kingdom of Brittany if he controls half of the provinces in the duchy/kingdom of Brittany while holding the duchy of Normandy too.

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