Pressing Claims


Once you have a claimant in your court, you will gain a Casus Belli against the current holder of the title that is claimed. When selecting ‘Declare War’ in the diplomacy window, you will have a Casus Belli with a portrait next to it showing the claimant who you will be installing should you win.

Several Casus Belli to choose from. The CB's with portraits will be fought to install the portraited character as ruler of the territory specified.

If you are unsure if the Cornwall or Gloucester listed is the county or the duchy, mousing over the claim will give a detailed tooltip with all the relevant information on the casus belli.

Mousing over the Casus Belli will show all of the details of the conflict including the potential outcomes

In many cases the individual with the claim will not be interested in joining your realm after you have installed them. If you are pressing a claim to a title equal or greater than your own (duke installing a duke, king installing a king, duke installing a king, etc), there is no chance that the Claimant will stay part of your realm. While the bubble help tells us that they will join if you are of the same dynasty, or if you are the de jure liege of the land taken, these are not the only instances where land can be gained. It appears that the game automatically issues an offer of vassalization to the leader at the end of the war over the claim, and if the newly installed claimant would accept an offer of vassalization, then they do so and are immediately part of your realm without you having to ask. Modifiers to the vassalization check include: distant realm, is de jure liege, power, opinion, difference in rank, foreign culture, and likely more. As a powerful King, you can install a same-culture, different-dynasty count outside of your de jure lands and successfully add them to your realm, even though the individual will not meet any of the criteria set out in the bubble help. Getting just the right claimant can make all the difference.

While pressing claims is a good way to add territory to your realm, it is important to note that it will never directly add territory to your demesne, as it will always belong to the individual with the claim after the war.

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  1. Yes this is true, but there is a good trick for when you wish to take over territory when pressing claims.

    I like to do the following.

    Find a dutchy title or land that is apart of.

    Search the lands for a claimant that has claim to more then one of these titles.

    Invite them to court.

    Fabricate claims on one of the lands of the same dutchy title that the claimant does not have a claim to or if he has them all, fabricate claims on any of them.

    Once claim h as been fabricated, press it, and take the land for yourself.

    Give this holding to your claimant, then he is now your vassal.

    Press HIS claims over the rest of the territory. You will not directly own any of these titles, but it will all be under your rule.

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