Inviting Claimants


Crusader Kings 2 offers a list of Claimants for every Title in the game. To view the lists, simply click on a county,

Reggio's County Pane, with CoA at top left

then click on the Coat of Arms at the top left of the County pane (or any of the Coats of Arms, really). This will take you to the Realm view for the lands associated with that CoA, which in this case is the County of Reggio.

Realm view for County of Reggio

Here we see the ‘Claimants’ button, which will show the characters who currently have a claim on the County of Reggio. The Coats of Arms above the history button are for the de jure Duchy, Kingdom (if any), and Empire (if any) that the County being viewed is a part of. Each of these Titles will have it’s own pane, with a list of current claimants to that Title. Clicking on the Claimants button from the Duchy of Sicily panel takes us to the list.

A list of Claimants for the Duchy of Sicily

Each character with a claim is displayed, and those who would accept an invitation to your court get a little green ‘thumbs up’ on the bottom right of their portraits. If you decide you would like to invite a claimant from this list, click on their portrait and you will go directly to the Diplomacy pane for that character with an invitation to your court ready and waiting for you to click ‘Send.’

A claimants’ claims do not have to be pressed for the claimant to be useful. A claimant with a high value in a skill may be an asset on your Council, or may be a detriment to your enemy if removed from their Council. Male Claimants also provide excellent Matrilineal Marriage options once they have joined your court. Looking for interested claimants often is an essential way to keep court and Casus Belli stocked up.

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