Apr 272013

While i am sure that you quickly figure it out, there haven’t been any updates here for quite some time. A lot of the information that is here is no longer accurate due to changes made in patches that i have not kept up with.

I enjoyed putting together what is here, but for someone without a lot of free time, it perversely kept me from actually playing the game. With the advent of the CKIIwiki, there was little reason to keep going. See you all on the Europa Universalis 4 wiki.


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Aug 061086

Meet Buster, my son and heir to the throne of Sicily…

Buster's important bits.

That’s his wife Livia next to him. They were all out of princesses when we went wife shopping, but we got a girl with mad skills. Believe.

Livia's important bits.

Once they were married i sent them to honeymoon in Malta, and told him you are the count there now so you’d better stay. I did give him Trapani and Girgenti as consolation though. He can earn a little prestige before Roger kicks the bucket in hhis last act as the Steel Toe of Italy’s boot.

Feb 011086

Guy d’Hauteville has assumed his rightful place as Duke of Apulia, leaving four counties in my evil nephew Duke Roger of Calabria’s clutches. Did i say Duke? Not for long, as his only Ducal title is about to get usurped. I’m not even sure what happens to the counts under a Duke when he loses his Duke-dom, but i will relish the opportunity to find out. If they all gain independence, there may be a flood of new vassals. Good times.

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