Apr 012012

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that the archives have been growing, but at the wrong end. I have started a d’Hauteville campaign, and am posting my updates date-stamped in game time. Thus i now have several posts from September 15, 1066 and immediately thereafter.

Browsing through archives is incredibly annoying, so you will probably want to make use of the “Posts” link on the Navigation bar below my header image. Mousing over “Posts” will bring up a list of categories, and Action Reports >> Roger d’Hauteville will bring up all of the action from the campaign.

Or you can just click on this: Roger d’Hauteville’s Steel Toe Adventures

Writing the action reports highlights areas that i need to write topics on, and if i do it right, help to tie the topics together a bit. I hope. I will likely jump back and forth between the two so i don’t burn out just writing and finding situations to get screenshots of.

Apr 171102

Beirut is taken, but not until after the bullies from Denmark came in and overrode our seniority with their 3800 men. The end result is that is am declared victor of the Crusade, and Count of Beirut, but the Danes ended up with the other two holdings in the county. It’s 200 Prestige and 400 Piety my way, and that’s no small potatoes.

Another war down. Two to go.

Success is mine!

Mar 031102

Buster ends up maimed in a pitched battle, woe is he. Thus, my Buster takes after his namesake Buster ever more closely.

I am sure the valiant foeman's name was Lu Se'al.

That -2 to health means no going on a Grand Hunt too. Waahhh.


Let’s hope it doesn’t go down like this at the Welcome Home party:



Mar 031102

Turold shows some more initiative and uses the ducal claim on Nice. You go, Turold!

Turold takes what he wants.

Update: on April 8, Guy of Apulia joined in, you guys get a big thumbs up from down here in Palermo.

There are plenty more d'Hautevilles where he came from.

Aug 181101

Promotions are good, but bittersweet when the come on the heels of your beloved father’s death. First on our to do list is definitely giving the old man a lavish and traditional Norman send-off. Floating funeral pyre? Crypt? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it should be the biggest one anyone’s seen in these parts in a long, long time. Then, to the more administrative concerns.

  • We are in four separate wars, lets win ‘em. None should be particularly challenging, but we don’t want to take our eyes off the prize now do we.
  • Demesne rotation. Papa had granted me quite a bit of land to help me build some Prestige before taking over the crown, and now that i have inherited all of his lands, i have more than i can handle. I will need to be smart about what i give to whom, but if i am successful, i can build d’Hauteville power, and use these granted lands to help build opinion amongst my vassals.
  • Crown law adjustment. Now that i’m King, i can adjust the crown laws again. We are sitting at low Crown Authority, and I am going to bump that up to medium. (which has now been approved.) This will help keep the vassals in line, while only incurring another -5 points to their opinion modifiers. I can live with that.
  • Drop some Duchies. In addition to picking up Dad’s demesne, i also inherited his Ducal titles, and since i have more than two (i have four), my vassals are a bit peeved at me for hogging them. Ideally, i need to give a couple away to get back on everyone’s good side. It may be best for me to wait a bit so i can give one to my own son when he comes of age though…
  • Create/Usurp all the duchies that dad was saving up for me. Those punks in Nice already created the Duchy of Genoa, so there goes a bunch of Prestige, and i got sick of waiting for my dad and created the Duke of Sicily well before he died (he was so proud). But the ones that are left should be grabbed now, and given to someone of good d’Hauteville stock.