Apr 032012

Hi All,

I wanted to drop a post and let you all know that you have made me a proud Internet papa. House d’Hauteville celebrated it’s first month as a website yesterday, and i am delighted at the progress during that time. While i obviously still have an awful lot of ground to cover just to touch on all of the topics involved in a game of Crusader Kings 2, i have seen my traffic grow steadily (not that it is anything to brag about), and reach a global audience, with nothing more than some elementary SEO driving my results.

I check my web stats constantly, and i am always happy to see new visitors turn into returning visitors. I was delighted when someone searched for “House d’Hauteville.” I am happy to have visitors who spend 24 minutes looking at 12 pages.  You are telling me that i am doing something useful, where i would never believe you if you left me a comment telling me that i was doing something useful. This really does motivate me to keep it up and keep the wheels turning getting new topics covered and crosslinked and screenshotted and all that.

So thank you all for making this venture a success from my humble point of view. Hopefully i can continue to provide answers and make sure your visits are a success from your point of view.

Mar 212012

Hi my feudally-minded visitors. I wanted to take a second and let you know that i am using the site searches that you perform to try and find holes in the info I have up, and correct that. Because of the way that WordPress processes the site searches, what has been searched for will show up as a page that has been viewed.  For instance, seeing the URL…

…I know that someone searched on “how do you invite claimants crusader kings 2″ in my site search. And you know what, while i did have a page up for claimants, i neglected to say that from the list of claimants i have a screenshot of, you can just click on their portrait to go straight to an invitation. So i went and added that on the Claimants page.

So for those of you too shy to leave a comment (why can’t you be more like the spammers?), or not sure if i have the info up that you want, do a site search, and i will try to get that info prioritized.

I have the next couple of days off work, so i hope to get 4 or 5 more topics covered.

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Mar 142012

Hello again, Internet People! Sorry I haven’t added much content over the past couple days, i had to scratch the itch a bit myself and started in on the hornet’s nest that is Iberia in 1066. Barcelona, or should i say Aragon now, is still kickin’ in 1120 or so, and succeeded in pulling Duchess Matilda of Toscana’s lands out of the HRE. But this isn’t an AAR, no sir.

This is a lil’ blog post to thank some folks for stopping by. I have indeed had some web searches point people my way, and i hope i helped out a couple of folks. Since i only get analytics on searches that end up with me, i can’t say what info people need about CK2 overall, but i can see themes amongst the pages i do have up. Apparently Claimants and Prisoners aren’t being well covered elsewhere.

1. (not provided) 14 60.87%
2. “plot discovery chance” 1 4.35%
3. chancellor crusader kings 2 1 4.35%
4. ck2 sow disent 1 4.35%
5. crusader kings 2 claimant have land within de jure 1 4.35%
6. crusader kings 2 claimants help 1 4.35%
7. crusader kings 2 prisoners 1 4.35%
8. crusader kings prisoners 1 4.35%
9. how do you invite claimants crusader kings 2 1 4.35%
10. technology crusader kings ii spymaster 1 4.35%

So I will try to continue to get info up on the little things as well as the big, and make sure to beef up the stuff that is getting the most looks if it needs beefing.

Any feedback is appreciated. Comments are open so go for it.

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