d’Hauteville To Do List


Features and bugs that i need to sort out. Feel free to add a comment if you have a recommendation.


  • Generate more useful content. Or maybe interesting. But content, yeah. 3/7/12
  • I’d like to implement OpenID, but that is likely a ways away. 3/7/12
  • I need to fix the stupid looking Dateboxes. Need to lighten the pic so that black shows nicely on top. Stupid looking dateboxes removed for now. 3/7/12
  • Add day/month/year to ‘posted by’ tag at bottom of posts and pages. With no datebox on pages, better to just add it there than mess with datebox for now. 3/7/12 Found that option while looking for something else entirely 3/29/12
  • Reverse order of Changelog so that most recent changes are on top. 3/28/12 Completed 4/3/2012
  • Set up a static landing page so that you don’t get hit with a bunch of adminny posts upon arrival. 3/29/12
  • Set up Navbar links so that all posts can be reached but are sorted to keep adminny stuff to those looking for it. 3/29/12
  • Add Action Reports and log some game time to populate them 3/29/12   Roger d’Hauteville game and Action Report started on 4/1/2012
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 Posted by on March 7, 2012

  4 Responses to “d’Hauteville To Do List”

  1. I’m going to assume the site is dead. :(

    • Jeesh, I don’t even know how far behind i have gotten. Pretty far i expect… Daggone, go ahead and guilt trip me why don’t ya!
      One of the reasons i felt comfortable doing a site for CK II was that CK I had had such a long shelf-life. People were still playing it years after its release. I expect the same about CK II. I also expect i will be one of those people playing, and sooner rather than later. I expect to add more to the site as i do. Will it ever be complete? I doubt it.
      Trivial aside – I also expect to have an up to date computer sometime soon. I have no doubts that in the course of building the site, i spent hours waiting for my comp to finish alt-tabbing in and out of the game for screenshots and the like which was really breaking my will to live.

      • That’s great to hear, man. You do have a bit of catch up work to do, doubly so once the Sword of Islam DLC comes out. Haha.

  2. I don’t know how far you are in your games, but as i’ve started in dublin i’m now king of ireland and whales and soon king of england and soon empreror of britania. At this point i have some question about managing more then 1 kingdom. If you could post what you know about it taht would be awesome. When you create a new kingdom, will it start with the same law as your actual one ( When i created Whales it cames with the free investiture i had already changed in ireland). Also how does it work when you try to change some law, does it mostly only depend about opinion your vassal have of you? Is there any dynamic change in being a emperor? Does it basicly allow to change law in all kingdom at once (including vassal king)?

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