May 162012

Hello everyone. Contrary to all evidence, this site is not dead. It is merely, uhh, hibernating. Yeah.

After a two month Crusader Kings binge in which i spent more time researching the game than playing it, i am now in a definite ‘purge’ cycle. I also have a lot of friends telling me i should play Diablo 3 with them.

So, i will be away for a bit longer (as far as updates – I still get emails when there are comments and such, so i am not really away-away).  When i return, i will have an updated PC to play on, and it is simply embarrassing how much of a difference this will make.

I still enjoy CK II, i still enjoy building  the site, and i still enjoy seeing that folks are stopping in and getting some use out of it. I have plenty more i’d like to do, beyond just finishing the basics. I will be back soon.

Annoy your friends and family!
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