Apr 032012

Hi All,

I wanted to drop a post and let you all know that you have made me a proud Internet papa. House d’Hauteville celebrated it’s first month as a website yesterday, and i am delighted at the progress during that time. While i obviously still have an awful lot of ground to cover just to touch on all of the topics involved in a game of Crusader Kings 2, i have seen my traffic grow steadily (not that it is anything to brag about), and reach a global audience, with nothing more than some elementary SEO driving my results.

I check my web stats constantly, and i am always happy to see new visitors turn into returning visitors. I was delighted when someone searched for “House d’Hauteville.” I am happy to have visitors who spend 24 minutes looking at 12 pages.  You are telling me that i am doing something useful, where i would never believe you if you left me a comment telling me that i was doing something useful. This really does motivate me to keep it up and keep the wheels turning getting new topics covered and crosslinked and screenshotted and all that.

So thank you all for making this venture a success from my humble point of view. Hopefully i can continue to provide answers and make sure your visits are a success from your point of view.

Annoy your friends and family!

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  1. Nice site. I’m about to start with CK and this is a good start (well, before actually playing)
    So, thank you.

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