Apr 071084

Salerno is mine.

The Kingdom of Sicily is mine.

The cool hat is mine.

And the map looks like this:

Introducing, the Kingdom of Sicily!

Up next:

  • I will have to pick a new ambition because i crushed the 1000 Prestige mark, coming in at 1349 after creating my new kingdom.
  • I will have to see if it is worth granting any Count Titles. When i made the leap to King, my reformulated demesne limit jumped from seven to 10, so i can now keep all the counties that i have if i want to do so. It’s a nice luxury to have, as i have a lot of flexibility to dish out new territory as i see fit.
  • Maybe create or Usurp a title if it can get me another county. Having titles sitting waiting to be created or usurped can be a good thing when your ruler is growing old. If you can save up and let your next ruler create the titles after succession, he/she will get a nice boost to Prestige which will in turn boost relations with your vassals, and since you can only hold a couple of duchies yourself before people get all whiny about it, you may well have a couple of titles to give away, which will boost your relations that much further.
Annoy your friends and family!

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